Having the conversation

Ensuring your loved one has what they need starts over the kitchen table.
CarePlanners believes that having the conversation about your loved one’s wishes as they age is a way for them to communicate important information while they’re still healthy. CarePlanners can help by:

Assembling your team

Who has your back?
CarePlanners helps you create and coordinate your local support networks. CarePlanners can help you pull your team together in a wide variety of ways:

Health & medical history

Where is the info you need when you need it? CarePlanners helps you consolidate, coordinate and understand your loved one’s important health information and medical history.
CarePlanners can help by:


What is covered?
CarePlanners helps you understand your loved one’s health insurance.
CarePlanners can help by:


How much is this going to cost me?
CarePlanners helps you understand what options are available to you and what you might have to pay out-ofpocket.
CarePlanners can help your budget by:

Home & long-term care

What are your loved one’s options?
CarePlanners helps you understand what options are available to keep your loved one home as long as possible and help finding the best in aging care. CarePlanners can help by:

End-of-life considerations

How to ensure your loved one’s needs are met?
CarePlanners helps you understand the support available for end-of-life care and how to manage this difficult transition.
CarePlanners can help by: